Our dedicated team of clinical application personnel and skilled service engineers collaboratively ensure smooth operations and optimal performance of medical equipment.

Service engineers handle installation, maintenance, and repair, ensuring regulatory compliance. Clinical application personnel integrate technology into workflows, provide training and support to healthcare professionals, optimizing software to enhance patient care.

Our teamwork is vital for supporting healthcare delivery.

degree in physics

Eli Barkai, Founder and Copartner, pursued a degree in physics at Tel Aviv University, delving deeper into the world of cutting-edge electro-optical equipment and medical devices. It felt like playing with the coolest gadgets in the sandbox, except this time, the sandbox was saving lives!

at the forefront

Like my enduring love affair with the sea, I’ve always been at the forefront of technological advancements, ready to catch the next big wave.

established ElsMor Medical Systems in 2009

Today, you’ll find us riding the digital waves dedicated to spreading the love for innovative medical technology. Whether you’re a doctor seeking the latest gear or a manufacturer of high-end medical equipment ready to join the wave of innovation, come embark on this wild technological advancements with us!