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We’ve noticed issues in the field of medical examination that required solutions

Abdominal Ultrasound in Big Women

Physicians today are unable to perform comprehensive abdominal ultrasounds on big women solely through transabdominal ultrasound. As a result, they change probe to transvaginal examinations, a process that creates discomfort for both the woman and the physician and extends the duration of the examination.

Streamlining Ultrasound Examinations

Physicians are heavily burdened with clinical work, and despite their need for it, they still lack optimal solutions for swiftly and efficiently processing post-examination data.

Affordable Technology Solutions for Medicine

In today’s medical world, there are high quality technological solutions for the same issue. However, price gaps have emerged that are not always justified by the product quality.

Meeting Physicians’ Unique Needs

In the professional world of medicine, physicians encounter numerous suppliers and marketers who often treat them generically, as one of many. However, each physician’s needs are unique, requiring personalized attention and tailored solutions specific to their practice alone.

doctors use ElsMor to make sure they Have The Right Tools for their tasks

ElsMor Medical Systems

ElsMor Medical Systems excels in providing solutions for comprehensive ultrasound examinations for larger women. The product we offer, from Samsung Healthcare, addresses this issue through a single abdominal ultrasound probe that encompasses a wide frequency range of 1-8 MHz.

AI-Assisted Diagnoses for Busy Physicians

The solution offered by ElsMor Medical Systems for busy physicians consists of AI-based products capable of providing initial medical diagnoses with high sensitivity and specificity. Additionally, these tools serve as a means to prioritize treatment for patients at higher risk, thereby maximizing the efficiency of the examining physician’s work and consuming less time for the resolution of every exam.

ElsMor’s Cost-Effective Ultrasound Solutions

Given the budgetary challenges institutions and individuals face, at ElsMor Medical Systems, we offer excellent products under attractive terms and at prices that maximize cost-effectiveness while ensuring fairness and a quick return on investment.

Tailored Support for Physicians

Our greatest advantage at ElsMor Medical Systems is our personalized approach to each customer, with meticulous attention to even the smallest details of their needs arising from their demanding medical work. We provide unwavering support and service, ensuring professional quality, availability, and speed, granting physicians complete confidence in delivering uninterrupted, seamless care to their patients.

Manufacturers use ElsMor for the challenges they encounter

If you wish to become familiar with the Israeli market and register your product, you may encounter hardships and costs due to a lack of relevant knowledge on how to do so.

Building a robust logistics and distribution infrastructure, including warehouses, transportation, and advanced inventory management systems, is essential.

Providing professional implementation and clinical training for their products.

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