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DR Digital Radiography & Ultrasound Solutions

HERA I10, W10 & RS85 SUPER Premium Ultrasound Systems 3D/4D, 5D, microFlow, PureVision, Contrast and Shearwave Elasto.
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GM85 MOBILE DR Digital Radiography of SAMSUNG at great prices! 

28 years of personal Experience, Expertise and Excellence in the medical field, we will lead you to the best medical imaging solutions. ElsMor Medical Systems Ltd. is an official Distributor for Samsung Medical Equipment.
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1.  The first HERA I10 system in Israel was installed in Tel Aviv. We will do our best to support the front-line medical staffs with MOBILE Digital Radiography DR Systems of SAMSUNG offered by Elsmor Medical Systems LTD.


2. SAMSUNG HealthCare presented HERA I10 a combination ultrasound system with built-in chair, allows for a more comfortable environment, We are pleased to announce that the first HERA I10 system in Israel was installed in Tel Aviv
with refined imaging technologies for increased diagnostic confidence. CRYSTAL Clear 5D, PURE VISION imaging, F.R.V. Fetus Realistic View.

Our company provides Full Warranty for Sales, Application, Service, and Maintenance.

Advanced SAMSUNG ULTRASOUND and DR Systems
Improve the capabilities of your clinic: we will help you to achieve better productivity by linking your clinic to existing multi-vendor centers. We also offer a full portfolio of DR, medical printing and imaging products well suited for imaging centers of all sizes.


Service includes preventive maintenance, thus ensure that you are always getting the maximum productivity from your ultrasound system. Our technicians are among the best in the industry and are trained across a broad range of systems. We also offer phone based support to all our customers and are able to resolve many issues remotely.
Trade up your system: we shall purchase your current system. Finance Leasing is available.


Ultrasound transducers and probes
Is your probe out of order? Do you need another one immediately?
ElsMor is at your service for all probes and systems. We will support you with a complete system until the problem is solved! We can supply large inventory and wide range of probes and transducers. New or refurbished probes are available.


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